Gold Uplighting Cheshire

Uplighting Cheshire gold

Uplighting is the fabulous way of transforming your chosen wedding venue or corperate suite to match your chosen colour.

It can really change the mood of the room and make any venue a lot more atmospheric and wonderful.

I have supplied this service to many venues in and around the Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire area, but where ever your venue is, North West or further afield, please do get in touch for a quick no hassle quote.


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Uplighting – The Basics

Manchester Uplighting

Pink uplighting Manchester

This lighting is usually installed in the morning of the event, the it can be switched on at any time. So after the meal if you want to give a room a complete make over for the day guests as well as the evening. Or you can leave on all day to give a subtle back drop to the days proceedings.

I use L.E.D par cans so they don’t get hot, and are safe for little fingers to touch, even thou we don’t recommend. They make their colour by mixing red, green and blue. Please be aware you can’t make dark colours with light. So colours like burgundy or Royal Navy area no go. On the other side, pastels and bright colours look awesome. so you can have a nice strong Pink or a softer baby pink for example.


More than 1 colour?

Lancashire Uplighting

Lancashire Tutti Frutti wedding lighting

The majority of people have 1 colour for their venue but you can have more than 1 in a multiple different ways.

1-Alternative colours. For example Pink & Blue or Blue and White alternating around the room.

2-Different areas in different colours. I did a wedding at Shrigley hall where the alcoves where a different colour to the main room.

3 – Rainbow or Tutti Frutti as I like to call it. A selection of different colours going around the room. weather there was 3/4/5 different colours or shades.

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Uplighting Gallery – Small selection of..

Have a quick look through my gallery, and if you have any questions about my services for your wedding, party or corporate event in the Manchester, Cheshire or Lancashire area please do not hesitate to get in touch,

I look forward to hearing from you,

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Gold Uplighting In Manchester

Gold Uplighting Manchester

Pink Uplighting Lancashire

Lancashire Uplighting Pink

Blue and pink lighting cheshire

Blue and pink lighting cheshire

Purple lighting in Cheshire

Purple uplighting cheshire

Blue Uplighting Cheshire

Cheshire Uplighting Blue

red uplighting oldham

Oldham venue lighting red

Purple  venue lighting cheshire

Cheshire purple venue lighting

Manchester Wedding blue uplighting

Blue wedding  Manchester