Dukinfield Masonic Hall venue lighting

Dukinfield MasoniC Hall event Lighting

Dukinfield Masonic Hall event Lighting

This was a great job at Dukinfield Masonic Hall in Tameside. It was for an 18th Birthday party and the parents wanted everything, so I did put a lot of different lighting in.  Now obviously you don’t need to have all of these in your wedding, party or event if it doesn’t need it but if you do want to throw everything and the kitchen sink at it, give us a call and well glam up your venue with lights as much as you want.


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The Entrance

For the Entrance we had a pair of Flame lights  either side of the door way. It was also the start of the Red Carpet with Pole & Ropes either side.  This certainly made the party feel like a V.I.P. experiance as soon as you entered.

Stars were out…

I placed a couple of image projectors in the corners and loaded them with star gobos. These set to rotate in opposite directions, on a slow speed, and it created a really quite distinct effect on the ceiling. You can have whatever you want, hearts, butterflies, different stars, names? Whatever your favourite or theme dictates, just ask….

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Purple Uplighting

The Birthday girl favourite colour was purple so we surrounded the room with my uplighting so to her colour. This gave room some atmosphere and certainly helped toward creating a chilled and relaxed mood.

Table/pin Spotting

By using my pin spotting service we highlighted the table centres and with the uplightng allowed us to turn off the house lights but there was still plenty of other lighting on so it was never too dark. This made the the table centers glow as there was no other lighting on them except the pin spotting.

Fairy Lights

In this particular venue they have a small Greek/Roman type archway on the stage, and rather than try to hide it, we decided to highlight it by wrapping fairy lights around it. By wrapping the fairy lights around the pillars and crossbar, it kind of made it the rooms enter piece which the parents of the birthday girl loved.


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So finally…

Weather you are holding your event here at Dukinfield Masonic Hall or anywhere else, if you have ideas you would like to see come to life please do get in touch. I cover any venue any area in the Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire region. Not just Dukinfield Masonic Hall!

Dukinfield Masonic Hall Venue Lighting Gallery

Fairy Lights Around Pillars Uplighting Purple Tameside

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