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Hilton Manchester Wedding Uplighting

Hilton Manchester wedding uplighting in Orange

Hilton Manchester is set in the iconic Beetham Tower in central Manchester. And what an awesome setting for a city center wedding or event. I’ve only installed my uplighting once here but can’t wait to go back. With white walls, and low white ceiling, it really is ideal for uplighting. Any colour you choose is reflected back and with the low ceiling it really helps to create the right ambient effect.


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At this particular wedding the colour theme was a burnt orange which due to the light coloured walls, really came through I feel. But obviously you can choose any colour. These rooms are ideal for adding your own touch to a venue as any colour you add, weather that’s uplighting or colour table runners, really stand out and really make it easy to make the room uniquely yours. So weather you want want to hang festoons or fairy lights, or maybe colour wash with my uplighting, please do get in touch to see how we can put your finger print on your room today.


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