Quarry Bank Mill Venue Lighting

Quarry Bank Mill Cheshire Venue Lighting

Quarry Bank Mill Open Day – Wedding Lighting On Display

Quarry Bank Mill National Trust Wedding venue set in glorious gardens in Styal, Cheshire. I am the recommend Lighting Supplier for this fabulous little venue and I absolutely love what my lights can do for you here.


Having installed various venue lighting here at Quarry Bank Mill many times, it is my hope that even if I haven’t done the particular or colour theme before that you get an idea of what I do here.


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Daytime at Quarry Bank Mill

Purple Uplighting at Qaurry Bank Mill

Daytime Uplighting at Quarry Bank Mill

This picture is taken during the daytime to give you some idea of how my uplighting can enhance the venue during the day. Obviously it’s not quite as intense as the evening, but it gives – What I like to call – a polite backdrop to the day. Now don’t get me wrong you don’t have to have them on during the day, but if you did you would notice it, and a lot of my clients love it like this.


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More than One Colour



If you are having more than one prominent colour for your wedding, here is a different option for you. Alternate colours on alternate walls or just alternating lighting units. So for example you could blue uplighting on the long walls and pink on the short. Or as in the pictures you could have alternating colours going round the room as per the blue & pink and Strawberries & Cream.


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Wedding Fayer at Quarry Bank

Quarry Bank Mill Cheshire Uplighting

Quarry Bank Mill Cheshire Uplighting

Popping along to see my lighting in the flesh is really the best way to view. I have a unit in Oldham where I am more than happy to meet up and demonstrate whatever lighting interests you. But best of all pop along to one of Quarry Bank Mills Wedding fayers. Well really it’s an open day. No hassle from suppliers, upstairs room is set-up with tables set for a wedding. Food being served, staff on hand to answer any questions. Also all suppliers are hand picked by the venue so you know you are getting to meet some the areas best wedding suppliers. Plus you get the chance to have a look around the gardens as well. Better think of a good reason not to come… 🙂



Quarry Bank Mill Venue Lighting Gallery

Uplighting at Quarry Bank

Daytime Uplighting

Quarry Bank Mill Uplighting

Quarry Bank Mill

Blue Uplighting At Quarry Bank

Blue Uplighting


Cheshire Uplighting


Orange Venue lighting


Cheshire Wedding Lights


Single Colour Uplighting


Purple Uplighting


Cheshire Uplighting


Cadburys Purple Lighting


Yellow Uplighting


Uplighting on Yellow


Daytime Uplighting


Pink and Blue Uplighting


Evening Uplighting


Strawberry & Cream


Cheshire Uplighting

Quarry Bank Open Day

Quarry Bank Open Day


Orange Uplighting

Cheshire Venue Lighting

Pink / Blue / Festoons

Uplighting for Cheshire Venues

Pink and blue Uplighting

Cheshire Festoon Lighting Hire

Cheshire Festoon Lighting Hire

Festoon Lighting Hire

Festoon Lighting Hire at Quarry Bank

Quarry Bank Uplighting

Quarry Bank Uplighting Tutti Frutti

Quarry Bank Mill, Cheshire